Baltimore Knife and Sword's
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Flamberge Fishtail Short Sword

Below are some in progress shots of the evolution of this sword


Forging the bow tie shape into the guard

Here it is rough shaped and slotted

Here it is rough forged and corners beveled

Rough sanded to shape and pommel blank

Blade profiled with one edge bevel at 50%

Both edges beveled at 50%

Edges ground to the center sitting next to a damascus custom.
It is now ready for Heat Treat.

One edge @ 120 grit after Heat Treat

Blade @ 220 grit hilt at 220grit cocobolo handle fitted @ 220 grit

Pommel ground and fitted with parts @ 400 grit

Grooves sanded in the handle matching the pommel and oiled.

Here you can see this piece has crazy lines.


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