Shop Tools

Beaudry power hammer, ring roller, saw makers anvil, 400 lbs anvil, 2 fly presses, several forges, rolling mill and some hand tools

Our Sanding Shop

We have 7 Bader sanders and some others. Gorton Vertical Mill and a Kohlswa Anvil and forming stakes.

Our tools are what define us at times and we at BKS have quite a few.
Here are some examples of the tools that we use in our craft.

Straight Line Ornamental Turning Engine

We have two of these. These are used for custom engraving work called gilouche.


Nazel 4b Power Hammer

Bader Space Saver sanders

We have 6 of these large belt sanders and we use them all daily.

Spare anvil

Anvil with ball stake forged by Tony Swatton

Japanese Anvils and leg vices

These anvils are used for traditional Japanese folding.

New Hermes panograph engraving machine

We use this for engraving onto polished blades.

Iron Kiss prototype 90lbs air hammer

We use this for forging our custom and pattern welded sword blades.


This is our Kohlswa 275lb anvil. This is the most used item in the shop.