Some of Matt's Past work. Click images for more info.

- Matthew Stagmer -
Swordsmith, Artist, Pirate, Viking,

Matthew (Matt) grew up dreaming of being a knight. This is mostly due to his older brothers making him armor and such at a young age. In 8th grade Matt forged his first knife blade in Kerry's shop in Clipper Mill. After that he was hooked. He spent as much time at that shop as he could. At age 15 he started working for Baltimore Knife and Sword as the shop apprentice. Mostly cleaning rusty armor and grinding axes. About a year into the apprenticeship a large order of cutlasses came in and the need for Matt to step up and help with the blade grinding was urgent. From that day on Matt has been the primary blade maker for BKS. Though axes are still a passion for him his focus is on sword blades and custom hilts.


Viking weapon construction
Early persian and indo persian weapon construction
Cut and thrust swords
Any kind of short sword
Falchions and messers
Bloom steel and crucible steel
Leaf blades
Porsche 911's
Golden Age of Piracy
Viking culture
Anything ancient